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No industry is immune to the overwhelming trend of specialization. And while we may have become accustomed to this trend in medicine, it’s become increasingly more prevalent in real estate, especially within the complex world of interior design and construction. In fact, it’s not unusual to find teams of 20 or more professionals involved with the design and development of corporate interior projects.

It’s against this backdrop of frequently disparate specialists that FXFOWLE ARCHITECTS strives to deliver a collaborative methodology that seeks to thoughtfully integrate the execution of architecture and interior design. This core philosophy is reflected in the firm’s new name, FXFOWLE, representing the firm’s vision of design innovation, environmental sustainability and civic responsibility delivered through the collaboration of its five studios, among which Interiors is an equal partner.

FXFOWLE has long been recognized as a preeminent architecture firm, known for high-profile projects such as the New York Times headquarters building, the Second Avenue Subway design, The Lion House renovation at the Bronx Zoo, the Helena residential tower in Manhattan, the Nassau Hub redevelopment plan, the addition to the Juilliard School and the renovation of Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, and the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.

Throughout its 27-year history, the firm has maintained an Interiors practice as a collaborator with its Commercial/Residential, Educational/ Cultural, Planning/Urban Design and Transportation Studios. In the last two years, FXFOWLE has made a significant investment to elevate its Interiors Studio to be equal among its partners, signifying the value interior architectural expertise brings to every design challenge.

FXFOWLE’s projects are routinely recognized for incorporating the views of the tenant, patron, neighbor and community into the earliest phases of the design of the building. By bringing interior architects into the project at its inception, they are able to weave the indispensable viewpoint of the future tenant into commercial projects. In the case of cultural and education projects, which are programmatically driven, a user-driven approach to the design can maximize the experience, the effectiveness and the efficiency of every square foot of space.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s new Center for Global Conservation building at the Bronx Zoo is a prime example. The nonprofit’s new multifunctional facility will house several programs, including public affairs, exhibit and graphic arts departments, WCS Institute and international conservation. The building will contain offices, meeting rooms, a digital information center and flexible multi-use space to accommodate the administrative and research needs of the Wildlife Conservation Society. FXFOWLE’s Cultural/Education Studio established the architectural concept for the building. The Interiors Studio is collaborating with the design team to test the design program against planning guidelines for the workspace. The result is a holistically developed design package, which addresses the programmatic needs driven by the workplace requirements within the architectural vision.

The professional collaboration at the Center for Global Conservation also reflects the means by which FXFOWLE and its clients Read more achieve another important goal: environmental sustainability. The Wildlife Conservation Society headquarters will be a LEED Platinum building, with sustainability fundamental to with every design decision. The interiors team will work within these parameters to select finishes, furniture and accessories that support the environmentally responsible objectives of the project and raise the level of awareness of these components among the users.

When interior architectural design expertise is applied at the inception of a project, the result can yield the most intelligent, sensitive, creative and efficient solutions for clients–inside and out.

This inside-out methodology results in high quality design that is cost effective, flexible and functional.




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