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Instead of hiring a professional moving company to orchestrate your move, you may want to consider renting a moving or shipping container, especially if you have the proper equipment to do so. There are a few benefits to using these containers:

  • They usually provide a more budget-friendly option for moving your possessions to a new residence
  • You can take your time packing, loading, and unloading as you’re not stuck conforming to a moving company’s tight schedule
  • They provide an area to safely keep possessions secured at all phases of a move

Many moving companies now allow customers to rent a shipping container for moving. These storage containers are weather-proof and made of heavy duty wood or steel framing. A typical container is large enough to hold up to 2,000 pounds or the contents of one or two rooms of your residence, but many companies such as U-Haul and PODS offering this do-it-yourself option have pack and move containers in a variety of sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

If you’re picking up a shipping container yourself, you’ll need a heavy duty truck with a tilt bed trailer, two sections of chain, and two wooden blocks. It’s also a good idea to bring along a helper or two and at least one of you should be a skilled truck driver.

At the depot where the shipping container is located, the trailer will need to be backed up to the container with the bed fully tilted. Next, you want to connect the corner castings to the trailer using a heavy chain.

Lower the trailer’s bed and raise the container high enough to place a piece of 4×4 wood under each corner. Tilt the bed back up to loosen and remove the chains. Back the trailer under the container and remove the wooden blocks. Apply gas to the truck and slowly back under the container while leveling off the trailer.

You moving container is now loaded and ready to be transported.

When filling a shipping container with your possessions, the same general rules apply: heavy boxes should go on the bottom while lighter containers and those holding delicate items should go on top of them.

If you’re picking up your own generic container, you’ll have to keep it stored at your own residence until you return it. If you’re using a company such as PODS, they can store the moving containers at one of their secure locations, or you can keep it on your property.

Movers Boston offers storage container moving service, so if you need a reliable company to pick up the packing containers for moving, bring them to your property, and transport then to your new address we can help. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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