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Recycle, donate, throw out any unwanted items when planning long distance moves
Use strong boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap tape as packing materials
Take advantage of all free spaces like shoeboxes or empty furniture
Consider moving insurance options
Find a long distance moving and packing company

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Whether it’s for a new job or a retirement destination, moving to another part of the country can be exhilarating. It can also be overwhelming considering there’s nothing like a massive move to make you realize just how you own! Here’s a long distance moving company’s guide to help you navigate your relocation move like a pro.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Before you worry about how to pack, you can lighten your load literally by giving your home a good spring cleaning. Recycle, donate, and/or throw out any unwanted items. You will thank yourself later.

This important first step should be done months ahead of your actual move date to give you enough time to hold yard sales or advertise items online. In the process, you’ll also get a mental inventory of just how much stuff you have tucked away in the garage, basement, and attic that you no longer need. A good rule of them when clearing your home of clothing is to donate anything that no longer fits, is out of style, or that you haven’t worn in a year.

Some good ways to unload items include:

  • Selling them on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook marketplace
  • Donating them to charitable organizations (some, like the Epilepsy Foundation, will even pick up the items at your residence)
  • Selling them at a yard sale or flea market
  • Giving them away to friends and family members or by leaving them at your curb with a “free” sign

If you have any toxic materials in your home such as paint cans, drained motor oil, or car batteries, now is a good time to dispose of them properly by contacting your town officials. The same goes for electronics, computers, and other appliances that you no longer want or need.

Use Strong Packing Materials

Stock up on sturdy packing materials that include boxes, plastic bins, padding such as bubble wrap, and tape. You can often pick up leftover boxes from area retailers and restaurants.

To prevent delicate items from being crushed, wrap them carefully with padding and place them in plastic bins, where they’ll be better protected. All non-essential items including extra dishware, clothing meant for other seasons, and extra linens can be packed way ahead of moving day.

Every container should be labeled so that unpacking them in the new residence will be much less confusing. If you are renting your own moving truck, the heaviest boxes should be stacked on the bottom and topped with lighter ones.

Don’t forget to label every box so that you’ll know exactly what’s in each one to make unpacking in your new home much smoother. Label boxes holding delicate items as fragile so you and/or movers will know to be extra careful with them.

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Don’t Waste Storage Space

It’s perfectly alright to leave clothing inside dressers and other bedroom furniture and save yourself some time when you arrive at your new address. Moving companies always secure drawers with tape so that they can’t open during the move. Take advantage of using shoebox space to tuck socks and underwear into along with footwear. They can also be used as extra padding to protect your breakable items.

Consider Purchasing Moving Insurance

Although a reputable long distance moving company will do everything they can to ensure your possessions will arrive safely, accidents do occasionally happen. Seek out a long distance moving company that is fully insured and licensed, and find out how your items will be packed and protected before a long move. You can also purchase separate moving insurance on your own, particularly for high-value personal belongings that are not covered by the moving company’s policy. Moving insurance will often cover replacing or repairing damaged items.

Choosing a Long Distance Moving Company

You’ll want to read customer testimonials and request a few quotes to determine the best moving companies near you. Try to find a moving company that has years of experience with cross-country moves. Ask if there are any hidden fees and always get a signed contract.

When you’re planning on making a move to another state or another part of the country, contact us for a free estimate and a stress-free relocation. We are a fully insured and licensed long distance moving company in Boston, MA and our movers are required to carry liability insurance coverage.

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