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We’ve done our best to answer the most common questions we get below. If, however, your question isn’t answered in this FAQ, just pick up the phone and give us a call at (617) 580-0555. We look forward to helping you however we can.

Q: Are you licensed/insured?
A: We are fully licensed and insured in Boston, MA by the State Dept of Public Utility. Under the state requirements, all movers are required to carry liability insurance coverage, as well as commercial auto policies, so you know your fully covered when you choose us for your moving needs.

Q: How quickly can you provide moving services?
A: It will depend on the size of the move, and when the customer needs the move completed. The earlier in advance you contact us, especially during peak seasons, the easier it will be to move, pack, transport, and deliver your items to the new home in a timely fashion. In most cases, we can complete in city moves the same or next day, if customers request such services in advance. For further distance moves, the transition period might be a few additional days.

Q: How are my belongings packed/ protected during the move?
A: We wrap all furniture with special moving pads, to ensure they aren’t damaged in the trucks during the move. They are thick, fully padded, and mildew resistant, so even in colder conditions or wet moving conditions, your furniture is protected. Stretch wrap will cover the pads to protect from scratches or other damage during transit as well. Cargo straps are in place on all our moving trucks, to keep furniture in place, prevent sliding during transit, and to prevent any damage to the surfaces when we transport your furniture.

Q: Should we pack ourselves?
A: You are more than welcome to and many of our customers do prefer to pack their own boxes and suitcases to save money. It is important to realize, however, that can occasionally lead to problems during the move, and potentially damage some belongings, if they are not properly packaged. If you do choose to pack yourself, make sure to read tips online for properly packing boxes, and protecting items inside of them. Otherwise, we do provide packing services, in addition to the moving services we offer to our customers.

Q: Is furniture disassembled prior to moving?
A: Our team of professional movers will have all necessary tools to disassemble furniture and larger pieces as necessary prior to moving and placing them on the trucks. In some cases, disassembling certain items isn’t recommended because of possible damage, and our movers will inform customers of this upon pickup. If you prefer handling disassembling and reassembling yourself, this is perfectly fine as long as you discuss it with the movers on moving day.

Q: Are there fees for stairs, fuel, mileage, etc?
A: No. However, you should budget for packing supplies and movers insurance, as needed. In addition, make sure to provide full, detailed information of the home/apartment when speaking to an agent and booking your moving date. This allows service agents to provide you with a final price quote, and ensures no surprise fees when it is time to pay for the move.

Q: Are all movers qualified?
A: Yes, and depending on the size of the move, there will be two to four movers to perform the moving, loading, packing, and unloading services. This not only ensures the move is completed in a timely fashion, but also ensures moving is done safely. All movers are licensed, receive full training, understand how to pack and load, and have several years of experience performing moving services in the field.

Q: Is my move insured?
A: Yes, under state law in MA, moving companies are required to carry minimum liability coverage. However, if you have personal belongings of higher value or which are meaningful to you, it is advised to purchase movers insurance to further protect items which are valuable or have some kind of special meaning to you.

We pride ourselves on taking awesome care of our customers and making your move in or out of Boston a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Give us a call today for a free quote, to book your move or to get any further questions answered.